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"A Core Foundation is a Pillar of Strength" SM

imageHi, my name is John Blewis.  At Pier Life Fitness Training, I am dedicated to giving you the level of fitness that you are looking for, improving your qualtiy of life and focusing on the most important aspect of personal training, YOU!  As a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and a Certified Coach through USA Track & Field, I have the knowledge to ensure that you get the best training and results that you've ever had. 

You will feel comfortable and secure knowing it's all about you with a one-on-one training approach either in your home, in the great outdoors or in a location best suited to meet your needs.  Pier Life Fitness Training is mobile; which means, I come to you - any place, any time.

You don't need to buy equipment or purchase a gym membership.  I have everything needed to transform your body and overall health. 



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