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I am committed to helping you learn how to take your fitness to the next level. I will use my experience as a lifelong athletehigh school sports coaching, and professional personal trainer certification to prepare plans and programs to meet your INDIVIDUAL needs. You are uniquely you, we all start at different base levels and will achieve progress at different rates from others.

We can work together to help you reach your goals remotely, where I provide fitness consultancy services to you.

We can work 1-on-1 personal training (remotely [skype, facetime, google hangouts, et c.] & in-person - Central VT/Glens Falls NY). to help you achieve PERSONAL GOALS such as...

  1. reducing fat on your body,
  2. becoming stronger,
  3. getting faster,
  4. toning up your body,
  5. building muscle,
  6. preparing for fitness competitions,
  7. strength & conditioning for the athletic season,
  8. improve range of motion and flexibility

Bring your friends! You + up to 4 friends can participate in small group exercise instruction.

You don't need a gym membership (although it is usually more convenient if some sort of facility is available to you. Seriously, I mean it. We can get creative together so you don't have pay a lot to get into good shape or stay in shape.

The sky is the limit, my friend. Let's take it to the next level and get you where you want to be. You may just end up finding that improving your fitness benefits your life in other ways such as (1) improved sleep, (2) reduction in stress, (3) self-discipline, and (4) more control over your own life and body.